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Shanghai Branch of China Academy of Coal Sciences actively develops epoxy resin equipment

Shanghai Branch of China Academy of Coal Sciences actively develops epoxy resin equipment

January 22, 2002

the hag type full hydraulic epoxy resin automatic pressure gel forming machine developed by Shanghai Branch of China Academy of Coal Sciences has been put into use in more than 10 provinces and cities in the country, with an annual output value of more than 30million yuan. The market share of the equipment has reached more than 80%, ranking first in China

in the past, most epoxy resin equipment was imported, and the price was astonishingly expensive. Based on comparable prices, the development and production of

epoxy resin equipment can save more than US $30 million for the country every year. Entrusted by the national epoxy resin APG project team, the research group led by Pang Mingwei from the Hydraulic Research Institute of Shanghai Branch of China Coal Research Institute started the development of epoxy resin equipment with a group of photos and samples of the imported equipment. After more than 7 years of efforts, the determination of the test results of construction drawing design has been finally completed: design, prototype manufacturing, and put into industrial production. In 1997, hag887 molding machine passed the national experiment. When the experimental material is in bending, the upper part of its section is the compression zone, while the lower part is the tension zone Taking the rectangular homogeneous section as an example, the strength of the Zui outer edge of the compression and tension area is called the zigzag strength evaluation by the Ministry of machinery. In 2001, hag888-v molding machine passed the appraisal of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission. This kind of equipment has won the gold award of Shanghai "four new" products Expo, the gold award of the Fifth Shanghai Science and Technology Expo for problems such as the low recycling rate of waste plastics in China, and the first prize of the technological progress of Shanghai Academy of Sciences. Recently, the epoxy resin project Department of Shanghai branch is developing new projects such as silicone rubber molding equipment, transformer and composite insulating sleeve, so as to strengthen technical reserves and enhance the potential for development

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