Shandong PVC market before the hottest Festival

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Before the festival, Shandong PVC market took a long view

the two days before the festival in the South China market further activated the PVC market in the north, prompting major PVC manufacturers to make up their minds to raise prices again. On February 8, Qilu Petrochemical officially raised the ex factory price of PVC to 5100 yuan/t, with a quotation of 5130 yuan/t. As of 2014, the shipment volume was also strictly controlled. The dealers could get less than 100 tons of goods per day, even only a few thousand tons

since yesterday, the recovery will be increased by 20% and all items will be reduced by 18% through M & A. there is no need to spend energy conservation technology. Attention has been paid to the film blowing machine industry in the afternoon. The PVC sales agency produced by Qilu in the chemical city has reached 5200 yuan/t. The dealers are full of confidence in the future market. There are small transactions in the market, but the overall inventory of the dealers is not large

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