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Shandong University of science and technology has developed waste pyrolysis and gasification technology

to avoid the production of dioxin from the source of waste treatment

with the continuous acceleration of urbanization in various regions, the production of urban waste has increased sharply. In the process of waste treatment, a chemical substance called dioxin is adsorbed on tiny dust and suspended in the air, causing "secondary pollution" to the city. The technology of graded pyrolysis and gasification of waste successfully developed by Shandong University of science and technology has solved this problem. At the same time, the gas produced by decomposition can be used for industrial gas, realizing a "win-win" of social and economic benefits

on August 12, I came to Shandong science and technology research center, where the gap between the steel ball and the valve seat was about 0.5mm. I saw a set of graded pyrolysis and gasification device that can process 10 tons of garbage per day in operation. This "transformer" about 13 meters high easily swallowed the domestic garbage into the "belly". 7. the electrode tension tester can control and maintain the experimental force, deformation, displacement and other rates. In the blink of an eye, The fuel gas produced by pyrolysis and gasification is continuously discharged

"Waste pyrolysis and gasification technology is a set of low-cost, suitable for China's national conditions, clean and comprehensive utilization technology of urban domestic waste, which is proposed for cities. 1. Whether the operating speed of the instrument is stable or not. It mainly enables the urban domestic waste to react in a reducing atmosphere and avoids the generation of dioxin from the source. The gas generated during the operation of the project contains a large amount of methane, carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which can For industrial gas. " Tianyuanyu, clean energy research center of Shandong University of science and technology, said

according to the data obtained from many tests of the University of science and technology, according to the waste treatment process, 10 tons of domestic waste can be treated every day, and each ton of domestic waste (dry basis) can produce at least 1500 cubic meters of gas, with a calorific value of about 1500 kcal/cubic meters, which can meet the needs of general industrial gas. Acid gas is treated in gasifier as gasification agent. The cleaned syngas can be supplied to the boiler as fuel, and can also be used for power generation through the high-efficiency gas turbine generator system

Wang Lin, general manager of Beijing Baoneng Technology Co., Ltd., is very interested in this technology. He calculated an account: the operation cost of the project is basically the same as the power generation income. The annual domestic waste treatment capacity of the 100 ton unit is 33000 tons (calculated by 330 days), and 49.5 million cubic meters of combustible gas can be obtained. The on-site treatment of 33000 tons of garbage in the whole year can save 6000 transport vehicles/vehicle and about 300000 yuan of traffic costs (calculated by 50 yuan/vehicle). The annual waste treatment cost saved is 990000 yuan (calculated as 30 yuan/ton of waste), and the total annual economic benefit will exceed 13.6 million yuan

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