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Superstition that imported passive houses can use specially designed shade and other passive cooling means to keep cool. There is no difference between the instrument and superstition about "grass finches"

recently, a brush about grass finches exploded. More than a decade ago, the gramineous Finch, which was in a "safe" state, was eaten by humans as "extremely dangerous", just one step away from "wild extinction". In the past 13 years, the rating of grassfinch with the scientific name of yellow breasted bunting has experienced a "five grade jump": in 2004, it was changed from "non dangerous" to "near dangerous", in 2008, "vulnerable", in 2013, "endangered", and now "extremely dangerous"

but the reason is only because humans think that this bird, which is similar to a sparrow, can "tonify the kidney and strengthen Yang" and "ginseng in the sky". It is extremely ridiculous and sad. I think that the pangolin that has been reported was "eaten up" because of superstition about its so-called efficacy. However, the pangolin's nails are no different from human nails

as a practitioner in the instrument industry, in the eyes of the author, there is no difference between superstitious belief in foreign "big brands" and superstitious belief in grass finch pangolin

almost all the high-grade and large-scale instruments and equipment used in China's major scientific research institutions, schools, enterprises and other institutions rely on imports. At the same time, foreign companies also occupy the domestic mid-range products and many key parts markets to prepare for installation; More than 60% share

it is true that in terms of overall performance, the accuracy and stability of foreign instruments are better than those of our domestic brands. Therefore, some laboratories or experimental projects requiring high precision are more inclined to international brands, which is understandable. However, when domestic instruments can be selected, it is a bit superstitious to only see foreign brands and ignore domestic instruments

it must be admitted that most of the relevant manufacturers in China's instrument industry are at the middle and low-end level, competing for the market with "price war", insufficient investment in scientific research, and low high-end technology content of products. Many instruments control the oil gauge entering the oil cylinder, which is indeed inferior to foreign brands

however, we should not only see the shortcomings of domestic instruments, but also see their development and progress

in recent years, the national policy has been inclined to the direction of scientific research and technology, and most instrument related enterprises have also increased their scientific research investment under the encouragement of the policy, contributing to the development of China's instrument industry. For example, the instruments developed and produced by congguang Hexin and other enterprises have reached the international level and received peer recognition

when the country and instrument manufacturers are constantly striving for the development of China's scientific instruments, can our instrument buyers and users also contribute to the domestic instruments? At least, when domestic instruments have good fire performance and can meet the experimental requirements, we should not blindly pursue foreign brands

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