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On February 8, the Blue Economic Zone Industry Fund Management Co., Ltd. and China Blue Economic Industry Fund Management Co., Ltd. were both listed in 9. Data export: compatible with third-party application software in Jinan. The blue industry fund with a total scale of 30billion yuan is the first industry investment fund with marine economy as the characteristics in China. This has aroused widespread concern in the industry. It is understood that the launch of the "blue fund" will leverage 100 billion yuan of direct investment to inject blood into the project of the peninsula blue economic zone. Among them, it will support the development of marine chemical industry and promote Shandong chemical industry to realize the leap from traditional salt chemical industry to emerging marine fine chemical industry

it is understood that the blue industry fund and overseas (US dollar) parallel fund initiated and established by Shandong Ocean Investment Co., Ltd., together with Mingshi Investment Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Zhengda Global Investment Co., Ltd. are among the largest industrial investment funds in China. The total scale of blue industry fund is 30billion yuan, and the scale of the first phase is 8billion yuan; Its overseas US dollar fund, China blue economy industry investment fund, has a total scale of US $3billion and an initial scale of US $1billion

the relevant person in charge of Shandong Petrochemical Industry Association disclosed that the construction of Shandong Peninsula blue economic zone is facing a huge financing demand. At present, the characteristics of high-tech industries such as marine chemical industry, such as high risk, high investment and long return cycle, are in contradiction with the goal of bank credit to pursue stable income. As a result, 1140 respondents from government departments participated in the interview survey, financial institutions and private investors were deterred, and their development was faced with the problem of capital shortage

yanyongjiang, Secretary General of Shandong coating industry association, also said that Shandong coating wants to participate in the development of blue ocean economy. At present, it has encountered financial constraints, and the R & D of marine anti-corrosion coatings is in urgent need of financial support

it is reported that in terms of investment, the blue industry fund focuses on investments above scale with strategic significance, including offshore wind power resource utilization, seawater desalination, marine equipment manufacturing, marine mineral development, industrial parks, science and technology parks, state-owned enterprise restructuring and other projects that meet the functional positioning of the blue fund, have a significant impact on the national economy and the people's livelihood, and have strategic prospects, as well as projects with pre IPO conditions, strong liquidity An enterprise project that achieves revenue as soon as possible

By 2015, it has risen to 25kg

"The blue industry fund provides capital, management and capital operation support to marine chemical industry and other industries through equity investment to obtain equity income. It can promote the development of marine biomedicine, seaweed functional fiber, marine functional food additives, marine anti-corrosion materials, diatomite deep processing, chlorine based fine chemicals, seawater desalination functional materials, bromine based polymer functional materials, marine functional food and additives and high-end Chemical intermediate industry. " Zhengguibin, vice president of Shandong Academy of Social Sciences, introduced that unlike other private equity funds, blue industry fund also has the characteristics of cultivating strategic emerging industries: replacing and abetting the lamp industry, promoting industrial upgrading and transformation, that is, using the means of "participation, control, purchase and merger" to transform and enhance traditional marine industries, and cultivate and expand new marine chemical industries

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