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Jinan 12345 government service call center added foreign service

on the afternoon of May 19, Jinan 12345 foreign service was opened. Duanqingying, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Jinan Municipal People's Congress, and foreign representatives jointly unveiled the service for foreign businessmen of Jinan 12345

12345 after the opening of the foreign service, it will give full play to the functions of fast, efficient and convenient charging and discharging cycle characteristics of the trial battery, carefully answer foreign inquiries, better provide considerate and high-quality services for foreign investors and foreign enterprises in the economy, further create a good development environment for foreign-invested enterprises, and make new and greater contributions to accelerating scientific development and building a beautiful spring city

it is reported that Jinan launched the first foreign service month in 2004, which has been held for 11 years. The purpose of the service month activity is to promote and care for foreign enterprises and constantly optimize the investment environment in Jinan through typical activities such as the symposium between municipal leaders and foreign businessmen, the inspection of key foreign enterprises by deputies to the National People's Congress and members of the CPPCC, and the talent recruitment fair for foreign enterprises. Over the past ten years, through this activity, Jinan has established and improved the foreign business liaison agent system, held many symposiums between mayors and foreign businessmen, and many foreign problems have been concerned and solved. The opening of Jinan 12345 foreign service is a concrete manifestation of the Jinan municipal Party committee and government attaching great importance to the work of foreign businessmen, caring for the life of foreign businessmen and the development of foreign enterprises, and solving problems in all aspects of work and life for foreign businessmen and foreign enterprises. It is also the key activity of this foreign service month

since its opening in 2008, Jinan 12345 government service call center has accepted a total of 8.357 million appeals from citizens. At present, it accepts more than 7000 calls from citizens every day, At the peak, there were more than 20000 pieces, and others were wrapped outside the small bags "Therefore, the specific details still need to be communicated with the CIRC repeatedly. Since the opening of the English seat on September 24, 2009, it has accepted more than 100 calls and letters from foreign friends, which have been widely praised by foreign friends. In addition, Weibo and platform were officially opened on March 17, 2014, realizing the five in one with the times to accept public appeals.

with the opening of Jinan 12345 foreign service, Jinan 12345 call center is now in operation On the basis of English seats, Japanese and Korean seats will be added. In the next step, seats in more languages will be opened to meet the living and working requirements of different foreign businessmen in the economy, and to show guests at home and abroad an inclusive and open image of Jinan City

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