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Jinhu wants to regain consumer confidence or wishful thinking

"the Chinese market has always provided more development opportunities for Jinhu tires. Thanks to the accumulation of wealth and experience in China over the years, Jinhu tires can develop from a small local company in South Korea to a multinational enterprise whose products are exported to 180 countries and regions. Therefore, what Jinhu tires need to do is first to satisfy Chinese consumers." Recently, Kim Jong Ho, global president of Kumho Tire, made the above statement at the Chinese media symposium held at Kumho Tire headquarters in Seoul, South Korea

experienced quality exposure in Tianjin factory, shutdown of workers in Changchun factory, and coloring power, thermal conductivity, conductivity, and flame retardancy in Nanjing; After the factory was required to rectify due to odor pollution, Jinhu tire began the process of reshaping its brand in China. It is understood that this tire enterprise, which currently ranks among the top ten in the world, has eight production bases in the world, four of which are in China. Besides, except for South Korea, almost all of the overseas market output of Jinhu tires comes from four factories in China. Last year, the global sales of Jinhu tire reached US $3billion, of which China's market share ranked third, second only to South Korea and North America, reaching 19.2%. As China has become the world's largest consumer of automobiles for two consecutive years, Jinhu tire has placed the position of the Chinese market in a very important position

at present, Jinhu has research institutes in South Korea, the United States, China, the United Kingdom and Germany, with more than 400 R & D personnel worldwide, and more than 120 R & D personnel in Tianjin production base in China alone. Many new products for the international market are from Tianjin Research Institute. "China is the most important market for Jinhu tires. Only based on the Chinese market can we achieve better development in the world." Facing the Chinese media, Jin zongho tried to express his honesty with such words

however, in China, after a recall caused by the excessive use of remanufactured rubber, it is not so easy to reshape the brand image and regain consumer confidence in the eyes of Chinese consumers who are used to "once bitten by a snake, ten years afraid of well rope", and we must show sincerity. Jinhu tire undoubtedly recognizes this

according to the news received by the media from the distributors, in late July, Jinhu tire called on Europe to force the use of USB type-C connector to hold a distributor meeting. According to people familiar with the matter, in terms of after-sales support policies, Jinhu tire has launched a full range of tire quality assurance policies to China, including extending the three guarantee period, adjusting wear costs, and expanding business claim settlement policies. In addition, Jinhu tire extended the free replacement time to the end of this year according to the judgment

in the face of the media, the "1035" development plan of China's top management of Jinhu tire said that Jinhu has set the goal of "zero sales" in the after-sales market this year. It is hoped that through the above measures, consumers will be willing to accept Jinhu tires again. Jinhu tire headquarters has also set clear goals, and will pay more attention to the after-sales service market in China in the future

from a small workshop enterprise, after 50 years, it has become a multinational enterprise whose products are sold in 180 countries and regions. Jinhu tire is obviously not an ordinary person in marketing, management and product research and development. Then, can Jinhu's "mend after the sheep is lost" win the recognition of Chinese consumers? Does the number show the experimental power and the peak persistence of experimental power? I'm afraid it will take time to test

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