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Can Jinhua Hardware mold design learn mold design?

teacher Zhou Ping's more than 10 years of working experience in UG design "students who can't teach without teaching", this is teacher Zhou's mantra. As a technical expert pacesetter at the municipal level, he not only speaks well in each class, but also often communicates with his classmates and staff, so as to help students solve various problems encountered in study and life in time and start mold drawing design; Combine the product 3D and DFM, make the parting surface, and separate the front and rear mold kernels; Integrate relative customer requirements, design sliding block and inclined top structure; Flow channel glue feeding system; Create a cooling water system; Create ejection system; Determine the size of mold kernel and mold embryo; Sort out the data and send it to the hot runner company to design the hot runner. Increase the draft angle; Adjust important dimensional tolerances. Combined with the subsequent process optimization 3D, part lettering, Die lettering, etc. 4. Design review; After completing the 3D drawing design of the mold, conduct an internal preliminary review, update the mold drawing according to the review results, and then send it to the customer for review. After receiving the customer's design review comments, modify the mold drawing Follow up the customer's comments until the modification is in place and formally approved by the customer. 5. Ordering materials; After the mold design drawing is formally approved by the customer, the bill of materials (BOM) will be issued to order mold kernel materials, peripheral accessories materials, standard accessories, etc. to the purchasing department. Order mold base and hot runner at the same time. 6. Produce part processing drawings; Mark the number, issue 2D machining drawings and assembly drawings of parts, and hand them to the on-site fitter for processing. Inform the programming department to start preparing the corresponding CNC program and electrode. 7. Follow up on-site processing; Combined with the on-site processing situation, solve the problems encountered in processing and optimize the design. 8. Mold test; After the mold test, adjust and optimize the mold according to the results of the mold test. 9. Mold design change; The design shall be modified according to the customer's product design and change requirements. 10. Arrangement of drawings and documents; After the mold meets the mold requirements after being reviewed by customers, the mold materials and drawings are sorted out. Chang'an hardware mold design training school said that we often see many students asking why I can't find a good job and why no one wants me in society? Many students often want to find the answer to this question from their hearts, but they have no way out. Therefore, they will find a training institution to train their skills. But after training, the society still does not accept them. Why? First of all, we must find that the teaching system and content of such training institutions have been improved for more than three years. There will be a solid learning. If you go to a training school with insufficient qualifications, you are his experimenter. Chang'an hardware mold design training school teaches according to the actual situation of the factory. The teacher taught it to use in the factory. Since its establishment, the school has trained a large number of high-tech talents in mold design, numerical control programming and so on... At present, in Guangdong, China, how to operate the mold human impact testing machine is mainly concentrated in Dongguan, Shenzhen and other places. If you are a student who has never been engaged in mold design, you must be very confused in selecting schools. Which is better to train in UG mold design in Dongguan; In fact, there are certain skills to choose a good mold design training school. Next, based on your confusion before learning, let's talk about what problems should be paid attention to when learning mold design and finding a good mold design training school! If you want to learn UG mold design in Dongguan, first of all, the most important thing is to see whether the mold design training school (training institution) has the school running license issued by the human resources and Social Security Bureau, which is the most obvious sign to identify whether a school is formal and legal! If the training institution you want to apply for does not have a school running license, the graduation certificate will not be recognized by the society at all, and your learning rights and interests will not be guaranteed by any law! Many publicize in the name of the school and recruit students in a commercial way, but there is no professional school license

Yusheng has strong technical advantages and employment competitiveness. It teaches 2D and 3D systems, focuses on UG software, completes homework every day, and can independently design stamping dies with medium difficulty. It has reached the experience of factory years of mold design engineer. Yusheng mold is a non-profit formal legal training institution. The logo trademark of Yusheng mold has been registered, and has trained tens of thousands of elites for 14 years. Yusheng brand values: strive to win youhard youwin; The excellent teachers are stable and experienced, and the teaching quality and service are guaranteed. The excellent technical strength is quite strong. The exclusive courses include automobile mold design, mold flow analysis and five axis advanced courses; The courses of Yousheng design and numerical control programming adopt the teaching mode of ug+cad and ug+pm. The course content is systematic and comprehensive, the training cases are close to the actual combat, and the employment competitiveness is strong; Mold is a highly practical technology, and practice is very important. The school owns a number of axis CNC machining centers, which are dedicated to students' internships to ensure that each student has sufficient opportunities to practice on the computer; The school specially assigned personnel to pick up and send students to the factory for interview, free of any fees for students and enterprises; Almost all well-known factories and enterprises in the mold industry have established talent cooperation relations with Yousheng school. Many people go to the factory as apprentices and learn slowly. If you think you have saved money, you are really losing money. You say that you work hard for 3000 yuan a month, and it makes no difference to work five years a year. Besides, it's hard to work overtime. It's worth learning a skill year after year. Which one is worth it! Many factories also understand that the free apprenticeship system will eventually bring huge losses to companies, factories and the training of CNC engineers. One year later, customers will lose, and errors will be caused by rework and material costs. The training cost of master students has been calculated, and there must be more than. If we learn well, talents will come to the fore again. In addition, the wages of mature workers have also been reduced, and the profits of enterprises in the face of competition have also been greatly reduced. Good people can increase profits. This is recognized by many enterprises. Free apprentices are hard labor even if they are recruited. It doesn't teach you key skills at all. Many Chinese schools sign up for employment after graduation. In fact, what they do is this kind of work. If they do this kind of work, they will leave. Moreover, even if you don't take part in school, you can find such a job. Yousheng mold training school was founded in 2004. It is a formal and legal mold training institution approved by Dongguan Human Resources Bureau. Its school license is: human society and people number. It has a good reputation. It is a technical strength training institution that can really learn technology well and get employment. Mold covers all industries of industrial manufacturing. Mold design is the most important link in the process of mold development. This link has extremely concentrated technology, An excellent mold designer should be familiar with processing technology, mold structure, plastic and steel materials, and also be proficient in UG, CAD, mold flow analysis and other software; The designer profession has a lot of room for development and strong post adaptability. The designer can adapt to the positions of mold engineer, project engineer, PE Engineer and so on in about a month; Some designers also choose to successfully transform into mold foreign trade engineers by studying English and Japanese, and earn a considerable income of million a year. In mold structure design, a set of high-quality molds not only need good processing equipment and skilled mold manufacturing workers, but also a very important factor is to have good mold design, especially for complex molds, the quality of mold design accounts for more than 80% of mold quality. An excellent mold design is to make the processing cost low, the processing difficulty small and the processing time short on the premise of meeting the requirements of customers. To achieve this, we should not only fully digest the requirements of customers, but also understand the injection molding machine, mold structure, processing technology and the processing capacity of the mold factory. Therefore, to improve the mold design level, we should do the following: 1 Understand every detail of each set of mold design and the purpose of each part in the mold. 2. When designing, we should refer to the previous similar designs, understand the situation in its mold processing and product production, learn from the experience and thank you for your lessons. 3. Learn more about the working process of the injection molding machine to deepen the relationship between the mold and the injection molding machine. 4. Go to the factory to understand the process of processed products, and understand the characteristics and limitations of each processing. 5. Understand the mold test results and mold modification of the mold designed by yourself, and learn lessons. 6. Try to use the previously successful mold structure in the design. 7. Learn more about the impact of mold water on products. 8. Study some special mold structures and understand the latest mold technology. In fact, students will ignore an important problem. Is this something I like to train? Whether I have ability or qualification, if a classmate thinks from the bottom of his heart that I like what I learn, then he will learn very well. Interest is the best teacher. Don't worry. You can learn it slowly. Bending of moving formwork: sometimes mold makers do not pay attention to this problem, and often change the original design size, or replace the moving formwork with low-strength steel plate. In the mold with ejector rod jacking, the formwork bends down during injection due to the large span between the seats on both sides. Therefore, the movable formwork must be made of high-quality steel with sufficient thickness. A3 and other low-strength steel plates must not be used. If necessary, support columns or blocks should be set under the movable formwork to reduce the thickness of the formwork and improve the bearing capacity. The ejector rod is bent, broken or leaked: the self-made ejector rod is of good quality, but the processing cost is too high. Now standard parts are generally used, and the quality is poor. If the gap between the ejector rod and the hole is too large, there will be material leakage, but if the gap is too small, the ejector rod will be stuck due to the increase of mold temperature during injection. What's more dangerous is that sometimes the ejector rod can't be pushed out for a general distance and breaks. As a result, the exposed ejector rod can't be reset at the next mold closing, and the low-temperature groove of Jinan Shijin CDW-60 impact experiment crashed the die. In order to solve this problem, the ejector rod is reground, and a fitting section of 10 ~ 15mm is reserved at the front end of the ejector rod, and the middle part is ground smaller by 0.2mm. After all ejector rods are assembled, the fitting clearance must be strictly checked, generally within 0.05~0.08 mm, to ensure that the whole ejector mechanism can advance and retreat freely. Poor cooling or water leakage: the cooling effect of Dongguan UG injection mold directly affects the quality and production efficiency of products, such as poor cooling, large shrinkage of products, or uneven shrinkage and warping deformation. On the other hand, the whole or part of the mold is overheated, which makes the mold unable to form normally and stops production. In serious cases, the ejector rod and other moving parts are blocked by thermal expansion and damaged. The design and processing of the cooling system depend on the shape of the product. Don't omit this system because of the complex mold structure or processing difficulties. Especially for large and medium-sized molds, we must give full consideration to the cooling problem

superior technical advantages and strong employment competitiveness. 2D and 3D system teaching, 3D mainly focuses on UG software, completes homework every day, and can independently design stamping molds with medium difficulty, Up to years of experience as a mold design engineer in the factory, any industry has a cycle and process, and the mold industry has now entered a period of competition and elimination. If you want to earn a high salary in your career, you must improve yourself quickly and maintain your strength. Continue charging. People who rely too much on practice think this way is the most. Some of their ideas were told by people in the town, some of them out of their own ideas. (have time to write articles and analyze the shortcomings of over reliance on practice). However, this is also the most effective method of our factory, but the disadvantage is also fatal, that is, we can't improve the technology quickly and effectively, only

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