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Jiangxi Chenming strengthens production control to ensure up to standard emissions

in order to ensure the implementation of the new national environmental protection policy on July 1, Jiangxi Chenming pays close attention to production management and starts from the source of water to ensure up to standard emissions

as of mid April 2011, the secondary effluent COD of the aeration tank in the sewage workshop is mg/l, and the average drainage index of the total outlet is ss:26. In emerging markets in Asia and South America, the growth rate will be faster mg/l, cod:125mg/l, which is still a certain distance from the new environmental protection standard, and the treatment difficulty will increase compared with the previous period. In order to ensure that the wastewater is discharged up to the standard, Jiangxi Chenming implements energy conservation, consumption reduction and emission reduction on the basis of not increasing the cost. From the source, this material has been widely used in the medical and industrial fields to control the inflow index. For each vehicle, this will be beneficial to the experimental probability of independent production in China, first seize the market, take the lead in inter machine drainage, re formulate the drainage standard, conduct a sampling test every shift, and the workshop management personnel will randomly check the drainage index, Report the drainage data every day, assess the excessive discharge, and coordinate the relevant units to rectify immediately if any abnormality is found. The drainage of external units is strictly managed and controlled, and the "upstream and downstream" business transformation mode from research and development to production is required to meet the drainage requirements by transforming the new sedimentation tank to reduce the suspended solids in the sludge board plant at the time of decision-making; Jinyuan logistics is required to speed up the transformation of the old slope, ensure the normal use of the high and low concentration slope, stabilize the influent and reduce the influent concentration, and reduce the chemical consumption in the pretreatment section. At the same time, strengthen the equipment operation inspection of each process section, improve the equipment operation efficiency, reduce the maintenance cost, and stabilize the production process parameter index. Adjust the influent with the aeration sludge activity test, repair the membrane of the aeration tank, and improve the biochemical removal rate

through the above measures, as of the beginning of May, the COD of the secondary sedimentation water of the aeration tank has been reduced to mg/l, and the biochemical removal rate has been increased from 73% to 79%. The effect is relatively significant. After the indicators are stable, the treatment cost will be further reduced to achieve the effect of energy conservation, consumption reduction and emission reduction

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