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Jilin introduced Japanese technology of ultra-high pressure processing of sterile packaged rice

recently, Jilin Hefeng Rice Industry Co., Ltd. and formed an industrial cluster in Changzhou, Wuxi, Qingdao, Shenzhen and other places. The company cooperated with Japan yuehou Fruit Co., Ltd. to build an annual output of 70million boxes of ultra-high pressure processing of sterile packaged rice project, which began to operate in Yushu city

it is understood that ultra-high pressure processed sterile packaged rice is close to the majority of consumers with its traditional flavor, fast, safe, nutritious and easy to preserve. Its shelf life is more than 6 months. It is a green organic food that returns to nature and has no pollution. Open the package and put it into the microwave oven for heating for three minutes, which can automatically return after the experiment; After the clock, consumers can eat a box of delicious sterile rice, which really achieves the effect of convenience, quickness, health and nutrition

the total investment of this project is 140million yuan, the annual sales revenue after reaching the production capacity is 290million yuan, and the annual tax payable is 51million yuan. After being put into operation, there will be no less than one exhibition on the construction floor to promote transportation, breeding and new variety improvement. Farmers planting new varieties of rice can drive 12000 farmers to increase their income by 1500-2000 yuan per year

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