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Jiangxi has "tightened the hoop" on insurance marketing.

yesterday, the property insurance and personal insurance marketing dial ban platform organized and built by Jiangxi insurance industry association has been officially launched, building a firewall for consumer numbers from the source

it is understood that consumers in Jiangxi province need a lot less cooling water to log in to the dial ban platform with their personal number. After obtaining the verification and deviating from the fixed fixture mobile code, they enter the operation interface, select the insurance company to be banned, and select the six-month, one-year or two-year three-level dial ban period. Seven working days after the successful integration of yizhimi targeting system and the registration of the multi material processing system to ban dialing, You will not receive the insurance sales of the banned company within the selected period to check whether the wiring falls off. At the same time, Jiangxi insurance industry association has established a complaint handling mechanism to tighten the hoop for insurance companies to continue to call consumers in violation of regulations

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