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Jiaxing supports plastic bottle recycling enterprises to support the low-carbon

crushing process, which not only produces a large number of dust particles. Through key support, a number of typical circular economy enterprises have developed first, playing a leading and exemplary role in the development of low-carbon economy in our city, with a year-on-year increase of 21.5%. The PET recycling project of Zhejiang Jiali renewable resources Co., Ltd. is one of the key projects of the provincial 991 action plan for the development of circular economy this year. By launching two production lines and using the sea ion detergent developed in the United States, the familiar plastic beverage bottles have been turned from garbage into valuable resources. Recycle pet, the main raw material of plastic bottles. We first separate the bottle cap, bottle body and bottle sticker one by one, and then carry out classification transformation through disinfection, air drying and crushing. Among them, the bottle body part is transformed into filament raw materials, which can be used in garment production. The person in charge of the company said that according to the research, Jiaxing currently consumes and produces about 200 tons of pet per month, and after the company's two production lines are put into operation, it can digest about 3 million tons of pet3 per year. At that time, the waste plastic bottles produced in the city can be recycled into new resources

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