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Equiinet has successfully signed the Guangdong core agent

Shenzhen. Located in the south of Guangdong Province and separated from Hong Kong by a river, equiinet is the first special economic zone established by China's reform and opening up, and also the window of China's reform and opening up. Now it has basically developed into an international city with certain influence, created a speed that has attracted worldwide attention, and enjoys the reputation of a maker's city

Shenzhen, to be exact, should be equiinet's first stop in China. Before establishing equiinet's branch in Beijing, equiinet Global CEO dominicmarrocco went to Shenzhen many times in 2014 to establish contact with equiinet's partners in China. Shenzhen has a complete industrial supply chain. Most of the world's IT equipment is produced here and then shipped to the world. It is not easy to find a core agent in such a rapidly developing city, so if a metal plate bears an excessive load on its leg, we cherish the friendship established with the agent

equiinet Global CEO Dominic marrocco

equiinet's management paid a special visit to the core agent in Guangdong Province in Shenzhen after the Shenzhen exhibition, answered the puzzles and doubts raised by the agent in detail, and promised to provide the best technical support

in fact, there is an interdependent relationship between the manufacturer and the agent. Without the agent in the front, no matter how big the manufacturer is, it will only have a false name. Equiinet is well aware of the principle of customer orientation, and is willing to deeply study customer pain points, solve customer needs, do a good job in product research and development, and deliver products required by the market for agents. At the same time, actively do a good job in the training of c-punch and die diameter management to ensure that customers receive timely and effective services

as a manufacturer, equiinet will think from the perspective of agents, solve problems for agents and do a good job in front-line support

2016, let's work together for win-win results to open up a new industry research time, generally from the perspective of downstream market and upstream resources

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