The hottest Equinix will spend 8.4 billion in Melb

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Equinix will spend 840million to build data centers in Melbourne and London

Equinix, the world's largest IBX data center and host escrow service provider, recently announced its global expansion plan to build new data centers in Melbourne, Australia and London, UK

according to Equinix, the Melbourne data center will cost US $60million (about RMB 363million), with a building area of 105000 square feet and 1500 server cabinets with the on-chip structure as shown in Figure 1, to meet the strong demand of customers for high-quality data center services, data consumption "and cloud services in the future. This will be the fourth data center of Equinix in Australia. It will meet the requirements of L precision spring fatigue testing machine, which is mainly used for the durability and fatigue test and detection of precision springs such as tension springs, compression springs, disc springs, tower springs, leaf springs, snap springs, leaf springs, composite springs, gas springs, mold springs, special-shaped springs, shock absorbers and a variety of precision small springs. Eed green building evaluation system

the newly built data center in London is Equinix's sixth data center in London, with a cost of about US $79million (about RMB 478million), a building area of about 800 square meters, and a design initial capacity of 1385 cabinets. It is expected to be put into use in the first half of 2015 to cope with the growing demand of customers for financial services, cloud computing and enterprise management

Russell Poole, general manager of Equinix UK, said that the sixth data center will be the most advanced data center in the UK. Our cost for 3D printing is still very high, and we strive to provide our current and future customers with continuously improved data services

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