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Equiinet's highly stable IPPBX system

running an enterprise is like running a machine that runs at a high speed without stopping. Only in this way can we keep up with the pulse of the times. Therefore, any system and equipment matched with the enterprise must be 1. The equipment must be highly stable and operate well during long-term operation

The IPPBX Justina series of

equiinet, in addition to functional diversity (for functional diversity, you can query equiinet's articles published before CTI), has been highly praised by users at home and abroad for its high stability

in order to ensure the service quality, we use the Nagios system wengyunxuan introduction system to conduct proactive detection on the running status of the client's server. Nagios system is an excellent network management tool, which can update the system status and service information of the client's server in real time. When the server system is abnormal, it can send an email to the operation and maintenance personnel at the first time to solve the problem in time

justina's working status and various operating parameters can be recorded as follows:

from the above figure, we can see each customer's Justina's operating status, such as: (up), no (down), how long it has been running, status information and the time record of the last login page to view the status. The above figure shows that the pink customers are not down because the company has been in a power off state during the National Day holiday

due to the different usage habits of customers, the system alarm may be caused by cutting off the power supply, network arrears, etc. In addition to the above factors, Justina can run smoothly in the customer network, and the average stable operation time is more than 100 days. In short, once the installation is successful, the system will enter a stable period and enter a mode that is easy to manage and maintain

equiinet's customer base

equiinet has a wide range of customers, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, with unlimited categories, including catering, medical, hotel, non-profit institutions, real estate, religious organizations, finance, education, etc

customer groups in the UK, the US and China are classified as follows:

UK: primary and secondary education market, with 80% of the education market share

United States: McDonald's chain stores, small clinics, law firms, accounting firms, software companies, real estate chains, manufacturing, car repair, small call centers, non-profit organizations, etc

China: real estate has been upgraded along with the mediation of people's economic tension, such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemicals, transportation, etc., overseas e-commerce, hotel chains, small and medium-sized technology companies, NGOs, instrument manufacturing, incubators, etc

the company currently serves 50000 customers and provides considerate it support services to global customers through local agents and direct sales channels. Equiinet has a reliable reputation in the education industry in the UK and among small and medium-sized enterprises in the western United States. It has been recognized by medium-sized enterprise customers in China and is familiar with local agents

classic customer cases

in the U.S. market, equiinet serves macdow with some precautions when using the spring testing machine. 16 stores in different states, and the number continues to increase. These chains are grouped together through equipnet's IPPBX (model: Justina) VPN to realize the featured functions such as zero internal call fee, low external call fee, free multi-party conference, recording of customer calls, call follow our bank, etc. Helped McDonald's solve the problem of high communication charges, and also facilitated the communication of internal management personnel. Equiinet's communication products have been highly recognized by McDonald's

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