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Equipment experts talk about the purchase of inkjet printer the moment when they decide to buy the inkjet printer is not only the beginning of the buying and selling behavior between users and suppliers, but also the beginning of becoming partners. Because, after the payment and delivery by the other party, it is necessary to carry out long-term cooperation in the supply of installation consumables and accessories, maintenance and other after-sales services. So, what if users can find the right partner

first, it is necessary to investigate the background, strength and reputation of the manufacturer. Secondly, for dealers operating multiple brands, the ability and level of after-sales service should be taken into account. It should also be noted that through various information channels, even if you can't "know" the situation of inkjet machines on the market, you must "know it well"

if a dealer tells you that a certain machine can eat water-based ink and solvent based ink, you basically don't need to consider his products. Because even if there is such a machine, first, its use cost must be very high, because the main parts in contact with the ink need to be replaced frequently; Second, the price is expensive. In order to adapt to the two kinds of inks, two sets of completely different ink paths need to be installed, including two kinds of nozzles. Naturally, the machine cost will rise sharply

there are two main driving forces behind this development: "1. With regard to printing speed, it should be noted that the production speed (standard speed) And top speed. Users should be aware that the standard speed is the main indicator that determines the working efficiency of the inkjet machine, and one-sided emphasis on the maximum speed is actually a misleading behavior, which is not conducive to future use

when selecting the printing width, it is necessary to consider the investment budget, what specifications of images are required by the market, electronic universal testing machine: universal testing machine using computer and servo drive system, workplace and other factors. Some suggestions: if 60% of the inkjet business in the local market is less than 2.5 meters, a 2.5-meter inkjet machine is more suitable; However, if the budget is sufficient, you may also consider a 3.2m machine to win more customers

choosing a brand with high popularity and good reputation has a relatively high safety factor for buyers. Because the suppliers and dealers with these brands will pay close attention to the expectations and evaluation of the market when necessary, and will certainly spend a lot of energy in product research and development, quality monitoring and product service, so that the after-sales service that buyers are most concerned about can be guaranteed

finally, don't forget to sign a purchase and sales contract with reasonable content and standardized format when making payment, so as to protect your rights and interests with legal means when necessary

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