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Equipment manufacturing "hybrid" service industry goes out of the "international model"

equipment manufacturing "hybrid" service industry goes out of the "international model"

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Guide: equipment manufacturing, an industry that constantly integrates traditional industries with new technologies, information technologies and other emerging industries, once again has a new development direction. The provincial equipment manufacturing service industry development exchange conference held on January 16 can be called the Trend Conference of Heilongjiang equipment manufacturing industry. At the meeting, equipment manufacturing and

equipment manufacturing, an industry that continuously integrates traditional industry with new technology, information technology and other emerging industries, has a new development direction again. The "provincial equipment manufacturing service industry development exchange meeting" held on January 16 can be called the Trend Conference of Heilongjiang equipment manufacturing industry. At the meeting, equipment manufacturing and service industry, two seemingly incompatible words, were perfectly integrated after the expansion of BASF Pudong base, and became the mainstream of the future development of equipment manufacturing industry in Heilongjiang Province

transformation is imperative

since the beginning of the last century, China's equipment manufacturing industry has experienced a decade of rapid development relying on fixed asset investment and export; However, it is a pity that most enterprises are still at the stage of only providing products, and the low-end product market is highly competitive, and the high-end market depends on imports. Under the downward situation of the world economy, the orders of enterprises decreased. According to the research and judgment of the domestic industry authorities on the future situation, the development of equipment manufacturing industry will face great pressure in a quite long period of time. Transformation and upgrading is imminent

"There are two routes for the transformation and upgrading of the traditional equipment manufacturing industry. One is to develop vertically towards the high-end of the industry, to become more sophisticated and specialized, to increase added value, and to participate in market competition at home and abroad. The other is to develop horizontally to extend services. Manufacturing services is still a new term in China, but it is no longer unfamiliar to families in developed countries. Of the 51 industries involved in the world's top 500 enterprises, 28 belong to the service industry. There are two" 70% "trends in developed countries For example, the service industry accounts for 70% of GDP, and the manufacturing service industry accounts for 70% of the total service industry. " At the exchange meeting, Zhu sendi, a special consultant of the National Machinery Federation, told us that according to the "smile curve" theory, product R & D and after-sales service are at the high end of the value chain, while manufacturing is at the bottom. Relying on their capital and technological advantages, developed countries in Europe and the United States have always seized high technology and high added value, implemented the service-oriented manufacturing industry, and mastered key core technologies. Although the export situation of China's equipment manufacturing industry is good, it belongs to the end of interest

ZHU sendi said that the transformation of equipment manufacturing industry is not only the need of competition, but also the need of survival. Nowadays, the market demand is diverse, which requires not only high efficiency and low consumption of products, but also green in the production and manufacturing process, especially the integration with high and new technologies represented by information technology to realize the digitalization of products, design, manufacturing and management. Green, intelligent, service, integration and supernormal will be the development direction of China's equipment manufacturing industry in the future

try for the first time

equipment manufacturing is one of the top ten key industries in Heilongjiang Province, with many enterprises and strong strength. In the face of market changes, far sighted entrepreneurs have taken the step of transforming to manufacturing service industry

Harbin Boshi Automation Co., Ltd., once listed as the most potential small and medium-sized enterprises by Forbes, has been continuously patented in recent years. According to Boshi's experience, the annual service charge for each overhaul and transformation of their production line is between 30000 and 70000 yuan. Therefore, Boshi has not only established a professional after-sales service team, but also set up product service centers in Tianjin, Shanghai and Zibo, and plans to establish a rapid service system covering the whole country with equipment operation guarantee and spare parts support

Qiqihar Huagong Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has taken greater steps. Chairman zhoulifu has a slogan: "find professional people to do professional things". "The manufacturing service industry is a bit hazy. In fact, it means that the manufacturing enterprises should not only provide products to customers, but also rely on product services and overall solutions to problems. Specifically, when it comes to Huagong, it means that customers buy machine tools and can't operate them. It doesn't matter. We send people to go. It doesn't matter if they can't repair them. We send people to repair them."

"at the beginning, Huagong tried to repair and maintain the machine tools while selling them. Later, it provided operation services. Slowly, we realized that where there is a steel plant, there is a market. We can build a machine tool plant into a steel enterprise." A new model of outsourcing factory was formed in zhoulifu's mind. In 2011, Huagong officially cooperated with Laiwu Iron and steel company. Chinese workers will invest 8million yuan in pattern processing equipment, and send a long-term R & D and maintenance team to ensure that the equipment can operate reliably for 24 hours, and process according to the pattern assigned by Laiwu Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and share the benefits. Through the reform of Laigang's overall production process, about 20000 tons of finished steel, equivalent to 50million yuan, are saved for Laigang every year. Through the three-year benefit sharing, Huagong can obtain an economic benefit of 25million yuan, while Laigang can obtain the whole production line. This innovative cooperation mode caused a sensation in the industry and was favored by Baosteel and WISCO

through the extension of services, Huagong has formed a perfect combination with many iron and steel enterprises, from which considerable benefits have been obtained. Over the past three years, when the sales revenue 8 of Huagong needs to be restarted or reset parameters, the output value reaches 100million yuan, with an annual increase of 20%, of which value-added services account for more than 50% of the sales revenue

development and innovation driven

although some enterprises have taken the steps of transformation, there are many equipment manufacturing enterprises in Heilongjiang Province, and there are many old enterprises and products, so the difficulties and problems are more prominent. Jusendi believes that the key to the transformation from equipment manufacturing industry to manufacturing service industry lies in ideology

Fang Anru, deputy director of the provincial Commission of industry and information technology, said that the modern manufacturing service industry can not only provide customers with complete sets of equipment and maintain the entire workshop like the Chinese workers, but also optimize the production supply chain management, and even use financial leasing to drive the development of customers. It can also think more about the recycling and utilization of equipment after use, and finally form an industrial cluster to establish a public R & D and design, testing, raw material supply The information service platform solves the problems of insufficient technology, experimental power and capital of small and medium-sized enterprises in the cluster area, and improves the production level and competitiveness of the cluster area. At present, equipment manufacturing enterprises in Heilongjiang Province urgently need to carefully plan the short-term and long-term plans for the development of modern manufacturing service industry in combination with their own "12th Five Year Plan", and improve the quality, reliability and safety of products around host products; On this basis, we will develop complete sets of equipment, system integration, general contracting and other services. Continuously integrate information technology into product R & D and design, manufacturing, operation and management and product performance, so as to improve product quality and digital and intelligent level. Pay attention to the training and investment of professional talents, pay attention to the learning and innovation of management, and promote the development of modern manufacturing service industry in many ways

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