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Equipment enterprises need to practice internal and external skills to go global although it is natural for China's equipment to go global, the process is full of unknowns, because Chinese enterprises have too many unknowns about the international market, and there are many other aspects to understand, such as local legal provisions, market rules and standards, On April 3, Premier Li Keqiang stressed at the Symposium on "going global" of China's equipment and promoting international production capacity cooperation that by supporting China's equipment to go global, Chinese enterprises should compete with multinational companies with advanced technology and strong strength in the international market, forcing us to continuously improve technology, quality and service levels, and improve the overall quality and core competitiveness of enterprises

it should be said that this was a courageous decision. It shows that the Chinese government fully recognizes that in order to continue the stable growth, upgrade and "generation change" of the Chinese economy, it must require Chinese enterprises, China's economy, to achieve transformation and upgrading. The upgrading and generation of enterprises can only be achieved through market competition. Relying on the sunshine of the party and the government alone, it is difficult for domestic enterprises to win the future in the international market

of course, Premier Li said so because Chinese enterprises have basically the foundation to compete with international enterprises. In recent years, China's equipment manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. In 2013, the output value of China's equipment manufacturing industry exceeded 20trillion yuan, accounting for more than 1/3 of the world and ranking first in the world. China's equipment has reached a new level of autonomy. Major breakthroughs have been made in the manned spaceflight and lunar exploration projects and the Jiaolong manned deep submersibles. In particular, great achievements have been made in the world in terms of the most complete high-speed rail system technology, the strongest integration capability, the longest operating mileage, the highest operating speed and the largest scale under construction

China's equipment manufacturing industry has made remarkable achievements, but it is undeniable that it is still in a weak link in the global manufacturing industry chain. The low cost of Chinese labor and wisdom is enough to illustrate this problem. The New York Times reported that an iPhone4 priced at $600 would cost about $187.51 in materials. Among them, about $80 of materials are Korean products, while some companies in the United States, Germany and Japan provide other materials. Foxconn and other Chinese assembly enterprises that assemble these components only get us $6.54 per unit, only 1.09% of the remuneration. In addition, China's export enterprises contract for foreign brand enterprises. A pair of shoes is worth $10, but it sells for $90 in the U.S. terminal market. We only get 12% of the value chain

in this regard, some people put forward the concept of "smile curve", which means that the two ends of the value chain are the scientific research link and the sales link, and the middle is the manufacturing link. Western developed countries occupy the market of scientific research and marketing, while developing countries such as China are in the middle of the assembly process. Why is that? This is because there are some problems in China's equipment manufacturing industry, such as weak design and manufacturing technology capacity, unreasonable product structure, prominent industrial overcapacity, and high-end equipment can not meet the demand

nowadays, China's equipment enterprises have clearly recognized these problems and are actively looking for countermeasures. Going out to participate in competition is the only way for Chinese enterprises. "If a worker wants to do his job well, he must sharpen his tools first." Looking ahead, all the industrial powers in the world today are powerful in the equipment manufacturing industry. The United States, Japan, Germany and other developed countries have taken the equipment manufacturing industry as the main pillar of their economy and the backing of their strong national strength for a long time. To promote China's foreign trade from "big in and big out" to "excellent in and excellent out" and form a new open economic pattern, China's equipment manufacturing industry should go out with the determination of sailing against the current and the confidence of being confident, go to the international market, learn more advanced knowledge and concepts, accept more fierce competitive challenges, and force itself to constantly change

we also clearly realize that it is easy to talk on paper and difficult to March and fight. Although it is natural for China's equipment to go global, the process is full of unknowns, because Chinese enterprises have too many unknowns about the international market, and there are still many aspects to understand, such as the local laws on the research provisions and market rules and standards for high-capacity hydrogen storage materials, solid oxide fuel cell materials, proton exchange membrane fuel cells and protective materials, Major aspects need to be taken into account. This is also a change in the international financial environment determined by the particularity of the temperature technology system, and even various risk factors such as social unrest in some countries and regions, said Torsten hupe, global automotive business manager of SGPPL

therefore, China's equipment should not only go out, but also do a good job in risk control while going out, so as to know well, and not be too blind, arrogant or optimistic

before going global, Chinese enterprises should do a good job in internal skills: first, vigorously improve the ability of independent innovation and strengthen the transformation and upgrading of China's traditional manufacturing industry. Upgrade "made in China" to the same material level as "made in China". Second, ensure excellent quality. We will base our products on high-end and fine products, win the market for ourselves, win public praise for enterprises, and win a good reputation for the country with high-quality products. Third, improve the service level. From the development stage of focusing only on product R & D, manufacturing and sales to the stage of providing perfect commercial services. On this basis, hard practice external skills: broaden international vision, keep up with international leading standards, and gain unique competitive advantages in the process of competition

only by doing internal and external work well can China's equipment manufacturing enterprises stand on the world stage

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