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Hainan's two courts worked together to enforce the "bone case" UAV's whole process follow-up and evidence collection

legal Lingshui (Hainan) July 25 - Xing Dongwei and Zhai Xiaogong, the first intermediate people's Court of Hainan Province and Lingshui County People's court, carefully deployed and organized forces. Through the use of the preliminary experiment, the command center coordination system is in progress to remotely command enforcement activities and improve the actual combat application level of the command center. Lingshui court dispatched 30 policemen, the County Public Security Bureau dispatched 10 policemen, and the Yingzhou town government sent 40 joint defense team members to assist, a total of 80 people. They successfully concluded a case of eliminating nuisance disputes in the third village of Dapo village committee, Yingzhou Town, Lingshui County. 6. Strictly implement the annual inspection system

the president and vice president of Lingshui court provided remote guidance at the executive command center. The staff of the Executive Bureau of the first intermediate people's Court of Hainan Province, two staff members of the county Procuratorate, one deputy to the National People's Congress and one deputy to the county people's Congress came to the scene to observe and supervise, and the media tracked and reported. Lingshui court put into use the executive command vehicle for the first time, and the output voltage of the on-site law enforcement can be measured. The number of aircraft delivered by the manufacturer in 2014 and later is set to increase again. All personnel wear law enforcement recorders, and start the UAV to follow up the whole process of recording and video evidence

in the case of eliminating nuisance disputes between an applicant for enforcement Hainan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. and the person subjected to enforcement Chen, Lingshui court ruled that Chen moved 278 coconut trees on the land involved, withdrew from the land involved, and a Hainan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. compensated Chen 1.5 million at one time

after entering the implementation stage in 2015, both parties reached an implementation settlement on the relocation of 73 coconut trees, but Mr. Chen refused to relocate the remaining 205 coconut trees. After many times of coordination by the county Party committee, the county political and Legal Committee and the executive judge, the long-term adjustment has not been concluded. In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the applicant for enforcement, Lingshui court decided to enforce the case at 9 a.m. on July 24, 2018

after the preliminary on-site investigation, the executive judge found that 55 of the 205 coconut trees on the land involved were coastal defense forests and could not be relocated, and the applicant gave up the execution of 70 of the other 150 coconut trees, so this execution action required the relocation of 80 coconut trees on the land involved

it took a whole day, and all 80 coconut trees on the land involved were relocated. So far, the three-year "bone case" has been successfully concluded

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