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"Haityco" launched heat insulation, energy conservation and environmental protection coating

haityco coating Co., Ltd. held a press conference in Beijing to show all sectors of the society the "Pengyun brand HF-10 series solar heat reflection coating" developed and produced by the company

"Pengyun brand HF-10 series solar heat reflection coating" is a new type of coating developed by using the principle of solar heat reflection treatment. According to the determination of the national building materials testing center and the physical and chemical testing center of the National Academy of space technology, "Pengyun brand HF-10 series solar heat reflection coating" has three excellent properties: first, heat insulation and cooling, second, durability and durability, and third, environmental protection and safety. The coating is applicable to the metal surface of chemical containers, gasoline storage tanks, ship bridges, and the roofs and walls of grain depots, cold storages, food and drug plants, residential houses, office buildings and other places that need cooling

electromechanical drives the screw rod to rotate through a series of transmission mechanisms such as reduction gearbox

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