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Tyco Electronics joined hands with Yingmai to expand the Chinese market

on December 22, 2010, Tyco Electronics and Yingmai officially signed a cooperation agreement in November 2010. Ingram micro became the agent of ELO touchsystems, and its agency right extended to Chinese Mainland. The main product lines of Tyco's electronic touch solutions department are touch monitors, POS all-in-one computers, and touch digital signs (32, 42, 46). Its products are mainly used in retail catering industry and large shopping malls

in its future development strategy, Tyco Electronics pays more attention to the development of the Chinese market, so it chooses Yingmai, which ranks No.1 in the global IT distribution industry, as its important partner in China. As the world's largest supplier of technology products and supply chain services, and also a leading technology sales, marketing and logistics company in the world, Ingram will continue to pay attention to the investment and development in the Chinese market. In the past few years, Ingram China's value-added business has experienced rapid development, becoming the second largest value-added distributor in China's value-added distribution market, with world-class service and management level, and has accumulated a large number of channel resources for catering and large stores. Ingram's integrator resources in manufacturing and logistics can provide Tyco's electronic products with broad market prospects, The fixture of Thai tensile testing machine itself is a locking mechanism. Keke electronics is convinced that Yingmai's understanding of the industry market, rich channel resources, unique market activity support, and efficient order processing capacity will greatly enhance the value of Tyco Electronics in the distribution field

Tyco's electronic touch solution is an indispensable and important part of the solutions for retail catering and large shopping malls. This time, Yingmai has become the agent of Tyco's electronic touch solution conference schedule: the Chinese agent of the Solutions Division has also greatly enriched Yingmai's product line. Yingmai can better meet the diversified needs of customers' products and accelerate the development of Yingmai's value-added business. The promotion experience of Tyco Electronics in Europe is important for Yingmai to further establish and provide customers with overall solutions and success, and then check whether the experimental machine is solid; Secondly, considering whether there is air in the oil system has a wide range of reference value. This time, Tyco Electronics and Yingmai will work together to achieve high-speed growth, win-win and mutual benefit in the Chinese market

Tyco Electronics Company Profile

Tyco Electronics is a global technology company, with sales revenue of US $12.1 billion in more than 150 countries in the world in fiscal year 2010. We design, manufacture and sell products in a wide range of industrial fields, including automotive, data transmission systems and consumer electronics, communications, aerospace, defense and shipping, medical, energy and lighting. We have about 7000 professional engineers and production plants, sales and customer service networks all over the world, occupying a recognized leading position in many industrial fields

as a global enterprise, Tyco Electronics 198 antibacterial plastic may enter China in nine years of good development, and has opened its first factory in Shanghai. At present, Tyco Electronics has about 37000 employees in China, has established 16 production bases, and provides services to customers through sales offices in 14 cities across the country. In fiscal year 2010, Tyco Electronics' total sales in China reached US $1.9 billion, accounting for about 16% of the company's annual total revenue. For more details, please browse.

about ELO touchsystems

ELO touchsystems of Tyco Electronics is a leading brand in touch technology in the world. A wide range of touch products include touch screen, touch display and touch all-in-one machine, which can meet the strict needs of various applications, such as industrial, medical, POS, public equipment inquiry machine, retail, reception, transportation, office equipment and game console. It has been more than 35 years since the founder of ELO invented the touch screen. Since then, the common conclusion of customers using ELO touch screen combined with computer technology is that it brings users a simple and convenient interface. For product details, please visit the ELO station, contact your local ELO dealer, or contact the ELO touchsystems customer service center or call or email elochina@.

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