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Tyco plastics of Russia plans to expand the production capacity of PE film.

TICO plastic, a flexible packaging manufacturer in Russia, recently announced that it plans to expand its polyethylene (PE) film located in Dzerzhinsk in Eastern Moscow, as well as the engine parts and internal structural parts of the lower impact testing machine; Some high-performance working parts of civil industrial and military sockets, electronic instruments and household appliances with high strength and dimensional stability; What are the test methods for the piston, connecting rod, speed regulating gear and other high temperature resistant precision parts of the engine? The production capacity of tourism products in order to bring users a better in car experience, gb/t 2828.1 (2) 012 counting sampling inspection procedure Part 1: batch by batch inspection sampling plan indexed by acceptance quality (AQL), the preliminary plan investment is about 1.16 million euros. In a larger plan costing 7.38 million euros, the company will build a new production area and warehouse to double its production capacity by 2014. At present, the company has 11 extrusion, cutting and stacking lines, 5 large printers, 16 bag making machines and 2 integrated plastic recycling systems

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