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After the sudden death of the rich, we paid attention to the succession of the Yellow River, Haixin and Changqing

in 2003, after the sudden death of the rich, we came to Henan, Gansu and other places to visit these temporary successors in a hurry. It may take some time for the market to finally make a real test of their ability

in the past, Chinese people said that "there are three ways to be unfilial, and no offspring is great". Now enterprises can also be described as "there are three ways to fail, and no offspring is great". People don't necessarily leave the enterprise because of retirement. Many accidents often affect the fate of entrepreneurs. Therefore, entrepreneurs in family businesses need to establish a good successor system. Some foreign capitalists even have to make a will at the age of 20, and then revise it every other year, hoping to effectively prevent accidents

however, China seems to lack the corresponding institutional culture in the matter of inheritance. The great Kangxi empire in the history of the Qing Dynasty, on the issue of the heir, Kangxi emperor also said the name of the heir when he swallowed his last breath. Today, a considerable number of private entrepreneurs still hold the same view. They have no foresight about the arrangement of successors, and have not coordinated the internal interest contradictions of families and enterprises in advance

this will inevitably put great pressure on those who rush to take over. How should the young commander refresh the old rivers and mountains? What relationships should we deal with while establishing our new authority

with the family business shift (active shift or passive shift under accident) as the background, young "helmsman" faces are increasingly appearing on the ships of Chinese private enterprises. Compared with the full "Jianghu spirit" of his father when he started his business, the successor "young leaders of private enterprises" show more modern knowledge-based colors in courage, insight and consciousness, and constantly show their sharpness and vitality different from their parents in domestic and foreign markets. However, the dance of change is not so arbitrary. Young commanders will inevitably experience the difficulty of "Sublating" while checking their existing tangible or intangible wealth

what is "the inheritance of an enterprise"? We may be able to find some enlightenment from Li Zhaohui, Liu Naichang and Qiao Qiusheng

"Yellow River": upstream? Downstream

winter of the "Yellow River"

on October 20, the Yellow River whirlwind group building, No. 29, Jingba Road, Zhengzhou

few people came in and out of the building. In front of several glass doors lined up in a row, they pushed open one of them and loosened their hands. The dust on the door handle was black on the palm of their hands

wandering in the empty hall, a wide range of works of art flickered under the dim light, and the huge Yellow River billowing picture entitled "all rivers return to flow, there is capacity in the middle of the hall" was tossing in static state. After a long silent wait, a receptionist finally appeared at the corner of the wall

"these are Mr. Qiao's collections," the staff said. "After his death, we basically didn't do anything." "Is Qiao Qiusheng here now?" Deliberately asked, "Qiao Qiusheng?" The staff was stunned for a while before reacting: "President Qiao, he is in Changge. Since the boss died, they have all come back to confirm the technical state and accuracy of the experimental machine according to the difference of the comparison value, and rarely come." He paused and added. "I heard that he might come over during the Spring Festival."

"if there is business, you must go to Changge?"

the staff member who did not want to be named laughed: "are you here to negotiate business? During this period, there is little business here. If it is really necessary, you can go directly to the second floor to find the chairman." "Chairman? Who is the chairman? Isn't wang Chunlin directly in charge of the company's general business now?"

when Wang Chunlin's name was put forward, it was the staff member in charge of reception who was confused: "Wang Chunlin, who? I don't know!"

before leaving work at 5:30 p.m., when I finally had the opportunity to walk into the second floor, the former Zhengzhou headquarters of the Yellow River group, and now the "left behind office", I realized that the "chairman" mentioned by the staff was the son-in-law of the deceased rich Qiao Jinling, and the brother-in-law of Qiao Qiusheng, the current president of the Yellow River group, who was serving as the general manager of the overseas headquarters (Zhengzhou) of the Yellow River group, but did not attract high-level talent teams at home and abroad as the chairman

the elevator stops on the second floor, with a few simple rooms. It's hard to imagine that this is the office of a listed company and Henan's richest man

miss baoxinhui, who printed "deputy manager of Asia Pacific region" on her business card, warmly let her into the office. During the conversation, when referring to the concerns expressed by the outside world about the situation of Huanghe group after Qiao Jinling's sudden death, deputy manager Bao said: "this matter has long passed, and our business has long entered a benign operation. Don't worry." However, according to the observation on that day, almost all the staff members, whether chatting with the office staff or other personnel of the overseas department, were in a waiting state

it is rumored that Qiao Jinling has two sons and a daughter, but only his son Qiao Qiusheng participated in his father's business. It is understood that Qiao Jinling's son-in-law Liu Ya also participated in the senior management of the enterprise's packaging auxiliary materials: bottle cap glove machine, mold, gasket, handle, liner nozzle, closure cap, packaging film industry. Liu Yazhi was "shielded" by the outside world. It is speculated that he deliberately chose silence

this was quickly confirmed. When he walked into Liu Ya's somewhat large office, he hesitated and stood up with a black veil on his arm, staring cautiously. Behind him is a group photo of him and his wife. The intimacy of the image contrasts with the emptiness of the room. Obviously, Liu Ya didn't want to be disturbed by a stranger's fight to establish cooperation with regional industry enterprises with specialized product supply capacity, and insisted on substantive silence in polite greetings

take over a team

compared with the Xiao Suo in Zhengzhou, there seems to be no more excitement in front of the Yellow River plant in Changge. At noon on the 22nd, in the warm winter sun, the whole plant seemed lazy. From time to time, oneortwo figures flashed between the plants, in a hurry, without noise or laughter

as the new head of Huanghe group, Qiao Qiusheng, 38, has entered the top level of the company and served as the chairman of a listed company before his father died, but it is undeniable that Qiao Qiusheng still has a long way to go in terms of government resources, customer resources, asset scheduling and high-level public relations. Compared with his father's entrepreneurial experience, Qiao Qiusheng is very

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