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Tym1050sl automatic holographic hot stamping die-cutting machine

Product Name: tym1050sl automatic holographic hot stamping die-cutting machine

manufacturer: Shanghai Yahua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

product introduction: tym1050sl automatic holographic hot stamping die-cutting machine (foil feeding) uses aluminum to mainly check the situation of key and easily damaged parts (such as machinery may obtain similar properties and performance safety devices through suitable assembly). Foil transmission is in the form of vertical and horizontal two-way foil feeding, Three vertical and two horizontal lines meet the requirements of line, narrow width and large-area anodized hot stamping at the same time. Six foil feeding rollers can be configured longitudinally. The whole machine is designed according to European CE standards, highlighting the safety of operation. The newly designed hot stamping control system follows the step-by-step process throughout the whole process, so that the common hot stamping machine just manually arranges the broaching machine, and the function of grounding the three addresses is greatly improved; The patented photoelectric detection device makes the holographic and plain silver hot stamping more accurate. The electrochemical aluminum foil guiding device is convenient for the replacement of the electrochemical aluminum. It is also equipped with the prompt of the completion of the electrochemical aluminum delivery and the automatic detection and shutdown alarm of the electrochemical aluminum fracture; The large LCD touch screen monitors the man-machine dialogue status. Fault diagnosis and display, temperature control module zoning control, temperature setting and display are all carried out on the display screen. The timed heating setting function effectively improves the work efficiency

information source: Printing Technology

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